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Direct advertising through the use of push notifications, to your clientele base or people in the vicinity of your restaurant can help drive business within moments of sending them. This helps promote your business as the day develops. Is is a slow night? No reservations? Send out a push notification with some deals, or a promotion.


  1. Two free drinks with any entree between 5-7 pm.
  2. 50% any bottle of wine priced $100 or over (this will help move inventory)
  3. Free dessert with purchase of tonight’s entree specials


Rewards help incentivize customers to share deals and promote the app for redeemable rewards. The more they share, the more points they will accumulate.


Creating and promoting special events, such as holidays or special menu promotions, will help advertise your business by drawing customers in.


  1. St. Patrick’s Day $2 draft beer event
  2. Halloween themed dining night
  3. New Years Eve live music & complimentary glass of champagne
  4. Spring menu food tasting

Promoting activity during down time (Lunch, 3-5 pm, 9-10 pm)

  1. Send a push notification with an incentive (free appetizer for the next 10 tables, two for one draft beers, free dessert)
  2. Update your social media with the incentive

Happy Hour

Happy hour is a tried and true tradition. Most restaurants and bars participate in them. Here’s how to make them special by using your app.


  1. Send push notifications detailing your happy hour specials and the hours your happy hour begins and ends
  2. Incentivize your customers if they check-in through the app and “say hello, let us know you’re here!”
  3. Double up on a happy hour special for those who do check-in to “say hello”
  4. Send a push notification close to the time happy hour is ending detailing a dinner special for those guests who stay through happy hour to have a meal
  5. Promote future happy hour specials

New Product

When your business is ready to offer a new product, or service, utilize your app as a way of advertising it.


  1. Send a push notification and a tweet about a new product or service
  2. Take a picture of new product and upload it to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  3. Offer a related product or service at a discounted price when a customer purchases a new one

Tap into Local Events

Utilizing the network of businesses in your community to cross promote each other will help bring in new customers who are at nearby events.

  1. Local book signing? Have customers bring in their receipts from the book store to receive 10% off their check
  2. Bring proof of attendance to a local car show and receive a free appetizer or a discount on their total check
  3. Take advantage of local businesses outside of your industry


  1. A customer spends $200 at a local grocery store, brings in their receipt and receives a percentage off
  2. A customer spends $100 at a local retail store, brings in their receipt and receives a percentage off

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