Looking Beyond the Apple WWDC 2013
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This past Monday saw the highly anticipated Apple WWDC 2013.  Among the reveals were the announcement of iOS7, a new Macbook Pro and Macbook air, Apple’s streaming radio and an updated OS X.

iOS7 shows a very clean, flat design that breaks away from the traditional look iOS versions have seen over the last several years. At first glance it almost looks like a hybrid of the Windows & Android operating systems (many critics slammed Apple for this aesthetic choice) but Apple is always innovating so the finished product is sure to be just as proprietary as everything else related to their brand. The new OS shows a number of new features beyond the visuals, among them are iCloud Keychain a new security feature that stores sensitive data across shared devices, an upgraded Safari browser with new swipe gestures akin to the mobile Firefox and Chrome browsers, automatic app updates (which will have its own pros and cons) and new gesture based command prompts.

One thing that was not discussed at WWDC, but flying through the rumor mill regardless, is that iOS7 will introduce the Apple Mobile Wallet to its collection of apps. Mobile wallets are not a new thing, with Google having approached and executed the concept nearly two years ago. The app allows a user to store their credit cards, debit card, customer loyalty cards and gift cards all in one place allowing for very convenient payment options.  Apple has played around with this concept with their Passbook app, but If the rumors are true and they are entering virtual wallet arena proper, this could be a huge boon for Apple and for its user base.

Many are saying that the mobile wallet experience is more than just another payment option. It has the potential to become a user experience unto itself. With the possibility of Apple including a mobile wallet app within its next iOS update, we’ll see how deep the experience can go.

- Pete Lenz



- Robot Fruit

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