Robot Fruit Found & CEO Thomas Vieweg on The Big Biz Show
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- Robot Fruit

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Scenario Utilization
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Direct advertising through the use of push notifications, to your clientele base or people in the vicinity of your restaurant can help drive business within moments of sending them. This helps promote your business as the day develops. Is is a slow night? No reservations? Send out a push notification with some deals, or a promotion.


  1. Two free drinks with any entree between 5-7 pm.
  2. 50% any bottle of wine priced $100 or over (this will help move inventory)
  3. Free dessert with purchase of tonight’s entree specials


Rewards help incentivize customers to share deals and promote the app for redeemable rewards. The more they share, the more points they will accumulate.


Creating and promoting special events, such as holidays or special menu promotions, will help advertise your business by drawing customers in.


  1. St. Patrick’s Day $2 draft beer event
  2. Halloween themed dining night
  3. New Years Eve live music & complimentary glass of champagne
  4. Spring menu food tasting

Promoting activity during down time (Lunch, 3-5 pm, 9-10 pm)

  1. Send a push notification with an incentive (free appetizer for the next 10 tables, two for one draft beers, free dessert)
  2. Update your social media with the incentive

Happy Hour

Happy hour is a tried and true tradition. Most restaurants and bars participate in them. Here’s how to make them special by using your app.


  1. Send push notifications detailing your happy hour specials and the hours your happy hour begins and ends
  2. Incentivize your customers if they check-in through the app and “say hello, let us know you’re here!”
  3. Double up on a happy hour special for those who do check-in to “say hello”
  4. Send a push notification close to the time happy hour is ending detailing a dinner special for those guests who stay through happy hour to have a meal
  5. Promote future happy hour specials

New Product

When your business is ready to offer a new product, or service, utilize your app as a way of advertising it.


  1. Send a push notification and a tweet about a new product or service
  2. Take a picture of new product and upload it to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  3. Offer a related product or service at a discounted price when a customer purchases a new one

Tap into Local Events

Utilizing the network of businesses in your community to cross promote each other will help bring in new customers who are at nearby events.

  1. Local book signing? Have customers bring in their receipts from the book store to receive 10% off their check
  2. Bring proof of attendance to a local car show and receive a free appetizer or a discount on their total check
  3. Take advantage of local businesses outside of your industry


  1. A customer spends $200 at a local grocery store, brings in their receipt and receives a percentage off
  2. A customer spends $100 at a local retail store, brings in their receipt and receives a percentage off

- Robot Fruit

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Social Media
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Leveraging the Benefits of Social Media

Social media can help increase the presence of your app right now. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are soaring over the mobile marketing landscape. Social media is all about building relationships through conversation. The ability to instantly contact such a vast network of people is a defining aspect of how you can promote your app. If your app has a reward for a user when they download it, this will help motivate them to share the app across their own social network. The more they share, the more incentive they’ll receive to keep sharing.

Social media is also a fantastic way to get customer testimonials. You can reach out to your customers asking for a positive or unexpected experience. By asking your social media followers for candid feedback, you’re creating a public dialogue about what makes your app useful. Your app users are now promoting your app for you!

- Robot Fruit

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Engage User Base & Increase Downloads
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There’s a connectivity between smart phones and social media that grows closer each and every day. You’ll soon begin to see how your new mobile app will help pull your customers together; your app will motivate customers to come on down to your business and experience all of your great products and services. With your app they’ll feel connected with your business in a new way. Communication is key, and now that you have the power to connect with your customers anytime, anywhere the customer will experience a fresh and bountiful experience.

We want to give you some tips that will help you make the most out of your app. The Robotfruit experience is one that is constantly growing, taking new mobile technologies and experiences and making them yours. We’re here to help you every step of the way. The idea is that all of us here at Robotfruit are only as successful as our clients are. Much like the choosing the perfect basket of apples, we’ve toiled over and created a platform that we’re confident will mesh all the angles of mobile marketing, social media, and customer rewards into a perfect user experience that will leave a lasting impression, and show you measureable results. Robotfruit is the premiere setting to accelerate your business. Let’s begin together.

How to Get the Word Out

Your app is ready for its debut. Now it’s time to get the word out and who better to first experience it than the family and friends who have supported you! Think of it this way: each time a new user downloads your app; you’re planting a seed into their smartphone. Through the app, your users will begin sharing the bounty of content it provides, planting new seeds along the way. Soon, your first app download will branch out into a magnificent orchard.


We’ve got some great news to share. Business Name has a new mobile app for you to download to your smartphone! Our app includes a bunch of helpful and fun to use widgets that will keep you informed about daily deals, coupons, events and much, much more. Through using the app you’ll receive customer loyalty points by sharing our app, coupons, promotions, and by “checking in” at our establishment. You can redeem these loyalty points for coupons, special promotions, and more. We’ll be able to keep connected in a new and inspired way.

You can download the app through the iTunes App store for your iPhone, or through Google Play for your Android phone. You can also scan the QR codes we’ve provided below.

Our app is the best way to keep you informed and connected with us when you’re on the go. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!


Please see our tutorial on Leveraging the Benefits of Social media for more ideas on how to engage your user base!

- Robot Fruit

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Dashboard Tutorial
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Your R-Cubed Dashboard

Your R-Cubed dashboard will provide you with the following information and functionality.

App Users

  1. My Users
  2. App Downloads
  3. User Activity


  1. Direct  Referrals
  2.  Indirect Referrals


  1. Welcome Reward
  2. Referral Reward
  3. Check-In Reward
  4. Reward Claims
  5. Rewards Redemptions


  1. Point Settings
  2. Point Rewards


  1. Create a Coupon
  2. Manage  Coupons


  1. Create a Promotion
  2. Manage Promotions


  1. Create an Event
  2. Calendar
  3. Import Calendar
  4. Reservations


  1. Create a Message
  2. Sent Messages
  3. Scheduled Messages


  1. Update App Info
  2. Update Billing Info
  3. Change Password
  4. Change Package

Key Stats

Redeem QR Code

- Robot Fruit

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Content Management System
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Robot Fruit’s CMS (Content Management System) allows you to update new content to your app and mobile site any time, anywhere. Through the text and video tutorials in this section, you will learn all the steps necessary to start, build, publish, update, and optimize your own mobile application.


Click “Log-In,” on the top right of the webpage. Continue to fill in the username and password you selected during the signup process.

Getting Started

  1. Click on “My Apps” to get started building your new app
  2. Click on “Create New App”
  3. Fill in the App Title (name of app), Domain Name (we suggest using the same as the app title), and choose the template that best suits your business.
  4. Click “create” to continue


Choosing an app icon.This logo should be the main branding image for your company.

  1. Click “browse” which will show files on your computer to upload. Choose the image that you would like to show as your app icon and click “upload”
  2. Drag your cursor over the image to crop to the desired size. Minimum size for this image is 114 x 114. Click save when complete
  3. Final Result

Choose a bar logo. This logo will be the image shown on the top of every page in which you have the functionality to go back to the previous page

  1. Click “browse” which will show files on your computer to upload. Choose the image that you would like to show as your bar logo and click “upload”.
  2. Drag your cursor over the image to crop to the desirable size. Minimum size for this image is 220 x 40 . Click save when complete.
  3. - Robot Fruit

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Apple App Store & Android Marketplace Developer Guide
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To publish an iOS App using the Robot Fruit platform, you need to register as an Apple Developer and then pay a $99 annual fee to join Apple’s developer program. To publish an Android app using the Robot Fruit platform, you need to register as an Android Developer and pay a one time $25 fee to join the Android developer program. Everything you need to know about getting this done is below.

iOS Developer Guide

Step 1: Go to https://developer.apple.com/programs/ios/  and click “register” in the top right hand corner.

Step 2: Click on “enroll now”

Step 3: Click “continue”

Step 4: Select to the option to create a new account under New Apple Developer and then choose to sign up as an individual, or a company.

Step 5: Complete the personal profile information form. Since these details need to be provided to Robot Fruit, please don’t use a password you use anywhere else.

Step 6: Complete the professional profile by choosing iOS > your primary market > new.

Step 7: Read the Developer Agreement then click “I Agree”

Step 8: An email will be sent to the signup email address with a code to verify your identity.

Step 9: Once the code is verified, there will be a confirmation screen. After this you will be brought to a screen to setup billing information.

Step 10: Select iOS Developer program, then click “continue”.

Step 11: Review the information then click “continue”

Step 12: Confirm purchase of one iOS Developer Program, then proceed to checkout.

Step 13: Complete the delivery information (although this is digital, Apple still requires it to calculate sales tax on your purchase)

Step 14: Complete credit card and billing information then click “continue”

Step 15: On the following screen confirm all information then click “Place order now”

Once all of this is done, please provide us with the email address and password usedat info@robotfruit.com.

See? That wasn’t too bad. Robot Fruit will now go ahead and submit the app on your behalf to iTunes. Remember, it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks for Apple to review and approve your app, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away.

Android Developer Guide

Step 1: First you’ll need to create a Google Account. If you already have a Google Account, please create a new one specifically for your Android Developer credentials


Step 2: Please read and agree to the Android Developer terms of service.


Step 3: Continue to payment

Once you’ve completed the Android Developer registration process, please provide Robot Fruit with the email and password associated with this account.

From here, Robot Fruit will take over and upload your app to Google Play!

- Robot Fruit

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Portable Culture 01
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Our culture has turned to portability as a means of accessing technology anytime, anywhere. We carry our smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-readers, handheld video game systems, and mp3 players, everywhere we go. There’s a myriad of portable technology and entertainment out there. We’ve become untethered  and can now access the internet, our entire music libraries, our books, our video games, anywhere. The idea of portable culture has rearranged the way we work, play, and interact.

Is this a good thing?

Yes and no. The idea that we can transport these miraculous pieces of tech with us is a great thing. We have the option, in many cases, to do our work anywhere. We can be contacted anytime (this, I’d say, is to a fault), we can stop on a park bench, and access any song or album we’d like to listen to. These and a bunch of other scenarios fill our mobile tech landscape with countless options to push the limits of the technology we’ve come to use each and every day.

At home, I find myself no further than a few feet from my smartphone at any given time. This is weird,  but it’s also fairly common. Anytime I go out, to dinner, the coffee shop, anyplace, really, I notice people sometimes struggling not look at their phones. There’s always this fidgeting with devices; in and out of pockets, backpacks, to check an email, a text, a missed call. In my home, there’s no desktop computer. Not to say I’m opposed to the idea, but my wife and I both keep laptops at the ready, and even then, when I’m using the internet, more often than not it’s on my tablet, or my smartphone. I can take these devices from room to room, outside, to the park, anywhere. Alongside this advantage and convenience, there also comes a reliance and dependence. And this is the conundrum. The constant connectivity, as much as it provides countless benefits, also presents a situation where our attention and senses are being hijacked in favor of looking into a digital world where we can find virtually whatever we’re looking for.

At what cost?

As mentioned earlier, we can work anywhere. The park, a beach, an airplane, anywhere. We can stop and sit and browse through every Velvet Underground record until we find one that suits our mood and day, in the park, and listen to it. But, if we’re also typing away on our laptops and checking text messages and getting push notifications do we even hear the music? More importantly, do we enjoy the park? Are we even benefiting from being outdoors if we’re missing the sound of birds and the joys of being around fellow humans. All of which are likely just as plugged in, forgetting to exist in their natural surroundings.

Our mobile devices can replicate nearly everything except the things they cannot. I can have a user experience with my smartphone that will detail every street and corner of Venice. I can find the best reviewed restaurants in Venice. I can watch real time videos of people walking through the streets, or gondolas floating on the canals. What I cannot do is walk around Venice, eat at a restaurant in Venice, or truly experience Venice unless I am physically in Venice. So, although we live with a miraculous set of devices that can provide a user experience unparalleled to anything but the human condition itself, our mobile devices still cannot replicate good old reality; but they sure can do a good job of manipulating it.

- Pete Lenz

- Robot Fruit

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Trends in the technological market are fluid and ever-changing with mobile applications storming to the forefront of the business landscape. Steady growth in mobile gaming and social networking apps have lead to cumulative revenue upwards of $9 billion in sales this past year. 2013 is projecting to be a year in which serious businesses will begin extending their reach into this market via mobile media and custom applications. US marketers are expected to invest almost as much in mobile marketing than all of Asia-Pacific and Western Europe combined, with an increase to $10 billion in 2016 (www.eMarketer.com).

As platforms move towards a higher level of integration, the opportunity to customize this form of media to fit unique business requirements and goals will be on the rise. Robot Fruit, a business accelerator, is using mobile technology to provide businesses of all sizes an affordable way to enter this booming market. With a projected 77 billion annual app downloads by 2014, Robot Fruit is aiming to be the mobile solution for small to medium size businesses.

Over a decade ago, small businesses found themselves catching up to major brands and investing in a website.  With the same pattern emerging with cellular devices, the need for a mobile presence is quickly spreading to local business.

- Robot Fruit

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Hello world!
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This is the RobotFruit blog. We will be posting our latest updates and announcements here.

- Robot Fruit

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  • "Great support @RobotFruit, it's made updating my App a breeze!" -Lauri Galbreath