A Robot Fruit App Is The Portal To Your Customer Loyalty Program
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Robot Fruit has created a platform which allows the small business owner a simple way to create a mobile app for their brand. No coding required, no fuss involved. We’ve said it before, and we stand by it: today a mobile presence is absolutely essential for a business to succeed. The proliferation of mobile devices continues to cascade across the tech landscape; the smartphones are becoming smarter; tablets are replacing desktops; and in some cases replacing laptops and our need for and reliance on these devices are becoming more and more ingrained within our daily routines.

There are many Robot Fruit apps out there in the digital world, across many different industries. We’ve seen apps for restaurants, bars, holistic healing centers and many more. Solidifying a mobile presence is the first step and the logical leap is now learning how to maximize the full spectrum and potential of the Robot Fruit platform. Consumers want to be rewarded for their loyalties. Robot Fruit provides the platform to accomplish this with ease.

R-Cubed, our referrals, rewards and reporting system, is essentially what our app platform is built for. The app is a vehicle for your brand; it provides a much needed mobile presence, as well as a highly functional customer loyalty program and content management system, the customer loyalty program is the crux of the Robot Fruit platform. When a business owner utilizes the functionality of our R-Cubed services, they’re gaining the momentum and potential needed to push the boundaries¬† of their marketing efforts.

Robot Fruit strives to provide our clients with all the appropriate tools they need to succeed in their customer loyalty program and mobile marketing ventures. We’re here to help. Please contact with any questions, concerns, or just to say hello.


- Robot Fruit

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