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Mobile Marketing is your Mobile Advertising
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Mobile is it. We’re all in a space where the power of mobile is no longer a secret to the tech world. More and more, businesses are realizing that having a mobile presence is not only necessary, but it’s an industry standard. The way we shop, the way we choose where to dine, the way we decide on where to travel. More and more these decisions are being made right on our phones. Our smartphones are helping consumers make complex decisions.

Then why is mobile advertising so far behind any other advertising medium?

So far no one has really found a truly effective format to break into this untapped resource for advertising.┬áIt’s not a matter of dollars spent, it’s the complexity of how many different aspects of advertising need to connect and how highly individualized mobile is. The advertising industry spends 40 billion a year with only 4 billion of that focused to mobile. Smart phone users spend more time looking at their phone than a computer or T.V, so right now its all about ad placement. Mobile advertising is definitely the future for businesses its just when and how it will be correctly implemented.

- Robot Fruit

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The Smartphone as a Personal Shopper
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The smartphone as a personal shopper.

For consumers, mobile devices are the perfect shopping companion. Need to find a store that sells a hard to find item? Having a tricky time deciding if the price is right? Wondering what other people have rated the electronic you’re thinking of buying? All of these questions can be answered with your mobile device, while you’re on the go.

I’ve been in situations when I’ve used a bar code scanner on my iPhone to get a listing of varying price points for a item I wanted to purchase. In a lot of cases, I’ve found better prices elsewhere. While on vacation, we use our phones to find the best places to eat and shop. Stumbling across businesses that offer clever incentives for me to share my patronage with them are the businesses that will get my money.

More businesses are realizing the potential of mobile and how it can drive sales, while building awareness for their brand. It’s a way to connect with their customers in a new way. As much as a customer can use their smartphone to determine decisions while shopping, the balance to this, for the business owner, is how they are able to target these customers and get them into their store over their competitors by using the power of mobile.

Robot Fruit is the portal to your customer loyalty system.

Robot Fruit’s fully customizable customer relationship management system is a platform that assists in creating customized coupons, promotions, and events on the go. Not only are these marketing efforts available to use anywhere, anytime through the Robot Fruit merchant app, but they can be sent out to a user base instantly. It’s instantaneous marketing for your brand.

If it comes down to you or your competitor, a potential customer will likely go for the business that is offering a coupon, or a special promotion. With Robot Fruit, you can instantly connect with potential customers and push this custom content out to them through your Robot Fruit powered app.

Consumers want a customer loyalty program that works. Consumers want a customer loyalty program that offers them reasonable rewards for their loyalty. A hard dollar spent is no laughing matter in today’s economy and any incentive above and beyond goods and services purchased is encouragement for that customer to spend more and visit more.

The power of mobile is a necessary component in your marketing engine. The Robot Fruit platform is capable of all of this and much, much more.


- Robot Fruit

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