Mobile Marketing is your Mobile Advertising
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Mobile is it. We’re all in a space where the power of mobile is no longer a secret to the tech world. More and more, businesses are realizing that having a mobile presence is not only necessary, but it’s an industry standard. The way we shop, the way we choose where to dine, the way we decide on where to travel. More and more these decisions are being made right on our phones. Our smartphones are helping consumers make complex decisions.

Then why is mobile advertising so far behind any other advertising medium?

So far no one has really found a truly effective format to break into this untapped resource for advertising. It’s not a matter of dollars spent, it’s the complexity of how many different aspects of advertising need to connect and how highly individualized mobile is. The advertising industry spends 40 billion a year with only 4 billion of that focused to mobile. Smart phone users spend more time looking at their phone than a computer or T.V, so right now its all about ad placement. Mobile advertising is definitely the future for businesses its just when and how it will be correctly implemented.

- Robot Fruit

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The Smartphone as a Personal Shopper
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The smartphone as a personal shopper.

For consumers, mobile devices are the perfect shopping companion. Need to find a store that sells a hard to find item? Having a tricky time deciding if the price is right? Wondering what other people have rated the electronic you’re thinking of buying? All of these questions can be answered with your mobile device, while you’re on the go.

I’ve been in situations when I’ve used a bar code scanner on my iPhone to get a listing of varying price points for a item I wanted to purchase. In a lot of cases, I’ve found better prices elsewhere. While on vacation, we use our phones to find the best places to eat and shop. Stumbling across businesses that offer clever incentives for me to share my patronage with them are the businesses that will get my money.

More businesses are realizing the potential of mobile and how it can drive sales, while building awareness for their brand. It’s a way to connect with their customers in a new way. As much as a customer can use their smartphone to determine decisions while shopping, the balance to this, for the business owner, is how they are able to target these customers and get them into their store over their competitors by using the power of mobile.

Robot Fruit is the portal to your customer loyalty system.

Robot Fruit’s fully customizable customer relationship management system is a platform that assists in creating customized coupons, promotions, and events on the go. Not only are these marketing efforts available to use anywhere, anytime through the Robot Fruit merchant app, but they can be sent out to a user base instantly. It’s instantaneous marketing for your brand.

If it comes down to you or your competitor, a potential customer will likely go for the business that is offering a coupon, or a special promotion. With Robot Fruit, you can instantly connect with potential customers and push this custom content out to them through your Robot Fruit powered app.

Consumers want a customer loyalty program that works. Consumers want a customer loyalty program that offers them reasonable rewards for their loyalty. A hard dollar spent is no laughing matter in today’s economy and any incentive above and beyond goods and services purchased is encouragement for that customer to spend more and visit more.

The power of mobile is a necessary component in your marketing engine. The Robot Fruit platform is capable of all of this and much, much more.


- Robot Fruit

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Robot Fruit Found & CEO Thomas Vieweg on The Big Biz Show
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- Robot Fruit

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A Robot Fruit App Is The Portal To Your Customer Loyalty Program
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Robot Fruit has created a platform which allows the small business owner a simple way to create a mobile app for their brand. No coding required, no fuss involved. We’ve said it before, and we stand by it: today a mobile presence is absolutely essential for a business to succeed. The proliferation of mobile devices continues to cascade across the tech landscape; the smartphones are becoming smarter; tablets are replacing desktops; and in some cases replacing laptops and our need for and reliance on these devices are becoming more and more ingrained within our daily routines.

There are many Robot Fruit apps out there in the digital world, across many different industries. We’ve seen apps for restaurants, bars, holistic healing centers and many more. Solidifying a mobile presence is the first step and the logical leap is now learning how to maximize the full spectrum and potential of the Robot Fruit platform. Consumers want to be rewarded for their loyalties. Robot Fruit provides the platform to accomplish this with ease.

R-Cubed, our referrals, rewards and reporting system, is essentially what our app platform is built for. The app is a vehicle for your brand; it provides a much needed mobile presence, as well as a highly functional customer loyalty program and content management system, the customer loyalty program is the crux of the Robot Fruit platform. When a business owner utilizes the functionality of our R-Cubed services, they’re gaining the momentum and potential needed to push the boundaries  of their marketing efforts.

Robot Fruit strives to provide our clients with all the appropriate tools they need to succeed in their customer loyalty program and mobile marketing ventures. We’re here to help. Please contact with any questions, concerns, or just to say hello.


- Robot Fruit

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Looking Beyond the Apple WWDC 2013
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This past Monday saw the highly anticipated Apple WWDC 2013.  Among the reveals were the announcement of iOS7, a new Macbook Pro and Macbook air, Apple’s streaming radio and an updated OS X.

iOS7 shows a very clean, flat design that breaks away from the traditional look iOS versions have seen over the last several years. At first glance it almost looks like a hybrid of the Windows & Android operating systems (many critics slammed Apple for this aesthetic choice) but Apple is always innovating so the finished product is sure to be just as proprietary as everything else related to their brand. The new OS shows a number of new features beyond the visuals, among them are iCloud Keychain a new security feature that stores sensitive data across shared devices, an upgraded Safari browser with new swipe gestures akin to the mobile Firefox and Chrome browsers, automatic app updates (which will have its own pros and cons) and new gesture based command prompts.

One thing that was not discussed at WWDC, but flying through the rumor mill regardless, is that iOS7 will introduce the Apple Mobile Wallet to its collection of apps. Mobile wallets are not a new thing, with Google having approached and executed the concept nearly two years ago. The app allows a user to store their credit cards, debit card, customer loyalty cards and gift cards all in one place allowing for very convenient payment options.  Apple has played around with this concept with their Passbook app, but If the rumors are true and they are entering virtual wallet arena proper, this could be a huge boon for Apple and for its user base.

Many are saying that the mobile wallet experience is more than just another payment option. It has the potential to become a user experience unto itself. With the possibility of Apple including a mobile wallet app within its next iOS update, we’ll see how deep the experience can go.

- Pete Lenz



- Robot Fruit

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Robot Fruit to Exhibit at HIA-LI 25th Annual Trade Show
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Robot Fruit to Exhibit at HIA-LI 25th Annual Trade Show and Conference
25th Anniversary of Long Island’s Largest Business-to-Business Event Expected to Draw Thousands of Business Attendees;
Suffolk County Community College Sports & Exhibition Complex, Brentwood Campus;
Thursday, May 23, 2013; 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Robot Fruit will be an exhibitor during the HIA-LI 25th Annual Trade Show and Conference. The company will participate on the trade show floor, where customers and other business attendees are encouraged to visit booth #344 to learn more about its products and services. HIA-LI, the recognized voice for business on Long Island, in partnership with Suffolk County Community College (SCCC), will host an expected crowd of thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors during Long Island’s largest business-to-business conference on Thursday, May 23, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Suffolk County Community College Sports & Exhibition Complex, Brentwood Campus. Attendees may avoid a $10 walk-in fee by pre-registering at Prospective exhibitors and sponsors can learn more about the show at

- Robot Fruit

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Scenario Utilization
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Direct advertising through the use of push notifications, to your clientele base or people in the vicinity of your restaurant can help drive business within moments of sending them. This helps promote your business as the day develops. Is is a slow night? No reservations? Send out a push notification with some deals, or a promotion.


  1. Two free drinks with any entree between 5-7 pm.
  2. 50% any bottle of wine priced $100 or over (this will help move inventory)
  3. Free dessert with purchase of tonight’s entree specials


Rewards help incentivize customers to share deals and promote the app for redeemable rewards. The more they share, the more points they will accumulate.


Creating and promoting special events, such as holidays or special menu promotions, will help advertise your business by drawing customers in.


  1. St. Patrick’s Day $2 draft beer event
  2. Halloween themed dining night
  3. New Years Eve live music & complimentary glass of champagne
  4. Spring menu food tasting

Promoting activity during down time (Lunch, 3-5 pm, 9-10 pm)

  1. Send a push notification with an incentive (free appetizer for the next 10 tables, two for one draft beers, free dessert)
  2. Update your social media with the incentive

Happy Hour

Happy hour is a tried and true tradition. Most restaurants and bars participate in them. Here’s how to make them special by using your app.


  1. Send push notifications detailing your happy hour specials and the hours your happy hour begins and ends
  2. Incentivize your customers if they check-in through the app and “say hello, let us know you’re here!”
  3. Double up on a happy hour special for those who do check-in to “say hello”
  4. Send a push notification close to the time happy hour is ending detailing a dinner special for those guests who stay through happy hour to have a meal
  5. Promote future happy hour specials

New Product

When your business is ready to offer a new product, or service, utilize your app as a way of advertising it.


  1. Send a push notification and a tweet about a new product or service
  2. Take a picture of new product and upload it to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  3. Offer a related product or service at a discounted price when a customer purchases a new one

Tap into Local Events

Utilizing the network of businesses in your community to cross promote each other will help bring in new customers who are at nearby events.

  1. Local book signing? Have customers bring in their receipts from the book store to receive 10% off their check
  2. Bring proof of attendance to a local car show and receive a free appetizer or a discount on their total check
  3. Take advantage of local businesses outside of your industry


  1. A customer spends $200 at a local grocery store, brings in their receipt and receives a percentage off
  2. A customer spends $100 at a local retail store, brings in their receipt and receives a percentage off

- Robot Fruit

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Social Media
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Leveraging the Benefits of Social Media

Social media can help increase the presence of your app right now. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are soaring over the mobile marketing landscape. Social media is all about building relationships through conversation. The ability to instantly contact such a vast network of people is a defining aspect of how you can promote your app. If your app has a reward for a user when they download it, this will help motivate them to share the app across their own social network. The more they share, the more incentive they’ll receive to keep sharing.

Social media is also a fantastic way to get customer testimonials. You can reach out to your customers asking for a positive or unexpected experience. By asking your social media followers for candid feedback, you’re creating a public dialogue about what makes your app useful. Your app users are now promoting your app for you!

- Robot Fruit

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Engage User Base & Increase Downloads
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There’s a connectivity between smart phones and social media that grows closer each and every day. You’ll soon begin to see how your new mobile app will help pull your customers together; your app will motivate customers to come on down to your business and experience all of your great products and services. With your app they’ll feel connected with your business in a new way. Communication is key, and now that you have the power to connect with your customers anytime, anywhere the customer will experience a fresh and bountiful experience.

We want to give you some tips that will help you make the most out of your app. The Robotfruit experience is one that is constantly growing, taking new mobile technologies and experiences and making them yours. We’re here to help you every step of the way. The idea is that all of us here at Robotfruit are only as successful as our clients are. Much like the choosing the perfect basket of apples, we’ve toiled over and created a platform that we’re confident will mesh all the angles of mobile marketing, social media, and customer rewards into a perfect user experience that will leave a lasting impression, and show you measureable results. Robotfruit is the premiere setting to accelerate your business. Let’s begin together.

How to Get the Word Out

Your app is ready for its debut. Now it’s time to get the word out and who better to first experience it than the family and friends who have supported you! Think of it this way: each time a new user downloads your app; you’re planting a seed into their smartphone. Through the app, your users will begin sharing the bounty of content it provides, planting new seeds along the way. Soon, your first app download will branch out into a magnificent orchard.


We’ve got some great news to share. Business Name has a new mobile app for you to download to your smartphone! Our app includes a bunch of helpful and fun to use widgets that will keep you informed about daily deals, coupons, events and much, much more. Through using the app you’ll receive customer loyalty points by sharing our app, coupons, promotions, and by “checking in” at our establishment. You can redeem these loyalty points for coupons, special promotions, and more. We’ll be able to keep connected in a new and inspired way.

You can download the app through the iTunes App store for your iPhone, or through Google Play for your Android phone. You can also scan the QR codes we’ve provided below.

Our app is the best way to keep you informed and connected with us when you’re on the go. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!


Please see our tutorial on Leveraging the Benefits of Social media for more ideas on how to engage your user base!

- Robot Fruit

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Dashboard Tutorial
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Your R-Cubed Dashboard

Your R-Cubed dashboard will provide you with the following information and functionality.

App Users

  1. My Users
  2. App Downloads
  3. User Activity


  1. Direct  Referrals
  2.  Indirect Referrals


  1. Welcome Reward
  2. Referral Reward
  3. Check-In Reward
  4. Reward Claims
  5. Rewards Redemptions


  1. Point Settings
  2. Point Rewards


  1. Create a Coupon
  2. Manage  Coupons


  1. Create a Promotion
  2. Manage Promotions


  1. Create an Event
  2. Calendar
  3. Import Calendar
  4. Reservations


  1. Create a Message
  2. Sent Messages
  3. Scheduled Messages


  1. Update App Info
  2. Update Billing Info
  3. Change Password
  4. Change Package

Key Stats

Redeem QR Code

- Robot Fruit

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